Importance of Windshield Replacement

➤ Your car’s windshield is the most important visibility element for the driver.
➤ As a vital element of your vehicle, it should be replaced if an objects hits it, creating cracks that only get bigger with time.
➤ And, of course, a hole in your windshield will allow rain, wind, dust to enter your vechile. Even insects!

Proper installation

Your windshield is key to the safety of your car. It contributes a 30% of the structural safety: it acts as a support base for the correct deployment of airbags, while it also prevents the car’s roof from collapsing dureing a rollover. All in all, the windshield can represent up to 68% of the torsional stiffness of your vehicle.
It’s for these reasons that, if you detect any kind of damage, you must replace your windshield with a professional service for the best quality.

Inadequate Supplies

There’s evidence that, in crashes where the cause of injuries was the detachment of the safety glass, the windshields had been installed poorly. Inadequate installation tools, poor quality glass, low-quality adhesives and/or primer, are just some examples of an unprofessionally done job.

Airbags rely of a properly installed windshield that provides them of the necessary support on their backs, so that they expand safely towards the passengers and properly absorb a crash impact. A safety glass and approved sealants are only some of the key elements of a proper installation.

Kar Glass Pro services include:

  • Any type of glass required by most vehicle’s makes and models.
  • Same day service, or as-soon-as-possible.
  • Warranty on windshield replacement against water or air leaks.
  • On-site service at no additional cost.

Our certified and trained technicians will perform a top-quality work with your auto glass replacement, to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

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