Women callin kar Glass Pro to have her auto glass repaired

Windshield Replacement

We are pleased to help you provide a timely and efficient solution with fair prices for your windshield replacement or any other glass you require.

Window lifter Replacement

If your vehicle’s window stopped working, it won’t roll up or down, you need an inspection to determine what is causing the problem and our technical specialists will be there to help you.

Whether front or rear, side windows are often heavily used by occupants, which causes them to wear out over time until they stop working. Kar Glass Pro can help you replace your vehicle’s power windows, using high-quality replacement parts, or if you prefer original parts and leave it working exactly as it used to before you needed service. The service will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can get back to using it.

Auto Window Replacement

There are different types of ways in which the side window of your vehicle could break and a very common example is unfortunately when the window is broken during a robbery and it is not at all safe for you to drive like that, at that time you can call Kar Glass Pro to help you with the problem and come to you to install a new window.

Windshield Rock Chip Repair

The windshield of a vehicle is made up of 3 layers

1➯Hardened upper pane
2➯A layer of plastic glue (polycarbonate)
3➯A hardened inner pane.

Usually, only the top layer is damaged and can be repaired. A rock impact on your windshield can be repaired by a procedure using a special machine to inject a synthetic resin to prevent the structural damage from growing and weakening the windshield and requiring replacement. With this procedure, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Before performing the procedure the Kar Glass Pro technician will evaluate whether the damage is repairable or not depending on the size of the impact.

1➯It must not be in the driver’s direct field of vision.
2➯It must not be within a 10 cm border around the windshield frame.
3➯It must not exceed a radius of 5 millimeters.
4➯It should only pass through the top layer.